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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a girl in possession of an electronic device 
must be in want of a dress up app! 

Jane Austen Dress Up features historical fashions from the Regency era (c.1810-1820). Whether you want to create a wide-eyed heroine like Catherine Morland, a spunky and outspoken young lady like Elizabeth Bennet, or a more conniving character like Mary Crawford, Jane Austen Dress Up is the app for you!

With Jane Austen Dress Up you can:
  • Customize your doll's coloring, facial features, and hair!
  • Combine dozens of dresses, coats, bonnets, and accessories for endless looks!
  • Place your doll in one of four settings based on English country homes of the period!
  • Choose from 18 witty quotes from Jane Austen's books to display with your doll!
  • Snap a picture to save or share with friends!
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Ad supported. Option to remove ads through in-app purchase.

Get it on Google Play

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